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GISE AQUA ( Global Innovative Systems Engineering )  is a multi-faceted company incorporated in Korea with an exclusive partnership with Tong Yang Magic Group in Korea to manufacture & distribute Magic –GISE AQUA

Collections of RO (Reverse Osmosis) & UF (Ultra-filtration) Water Purification System, Air Purifier, Commercial Filtration System and OEM & ODM Project to provide every human with a comfortable, healthy & hygienic lifestyle. Our mission is to help the environment and your health. We offer a world-class and customer-oriented service through a comprehensive range of solutions to enhance everyone well-being and this guided by our motto of Health & Hygiene Wellness in Your living.  Adding values to your daily life with our quality, innovative and high technology products in the modern age.  Our vision is to become a leading Environmental company through a platform with solid foundation of industry knowledge and expertise to build successful and fruitful relationships with our local and international business partners







Coporated Partners


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Top-Ranked main Water Coolers and Dispnser,Air Purifeir manufacturer that produce 300,000 units per year.

Manufacturer and OEM &ODM

Project business partner

E Technolgy

Manufacturer that produce high=performance water filtration system.

K & T

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